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Building Automation Systems

Everything You Need. Nothing You Don’t.

Trim the Fat. Cut the Costs.

Many companies providing building automation systems offer packages far exceeding many customers’ needs. That’s why many small to medium size facilities, (which make up 95% of the total building market), don’t experience the positive ROI automation systems offer.

It’s too expensive. And often feature overkill. At Southwest Energy we do exactly the opposite. With our building automation systems, we turn complex building automation system requirements into simple, cost-effective and reliable operations.

Building Automation Systems Features

Lighting, HVAC, Alarm, mood lighting and any other input can be controlled with our Basyx Building Automation System. Enjoy:

• Customization of environment
• Energy savings/efficiency
• Maintenance efficiency (reduced risk of breakage/major repair costs)
• Staffing efficiency on maintenance and functional controls

As easy as surfing the web. Instantly monitor, adjust, open, close, turn on or off, up or down, or check status. The interface is intuitive:

• Simple to use and understand
• Point. Click. Control.
• Easy trouble shooting
• Short training requirements
• Can be access and controlled from anywhere

Flexible, easy connections mean our systems:

• Integrate with existing systems
• Simple scalability
• Make connecting future tech simple.

Our focus on component performance and sensible solutions instead of gadgetry and overbuilt proprietary solutions means:

• High ROI – especially for small and medium building systems
• Lower installation cost.
• Better value for the end customer

Most companies overbuild. We don’t. Whether you are a building designer or a corporate construction manager, you will appreciate BASYX’s flexible, cost-effective systems and programs: Systems designed to work for current needs, with the flexibly to grow as your needs grow. BASYX provides a sensible building automation solution.

Maximize R.O.I. for Small and Medium Buildings  

For over a quarter of a century, Southwest Energy has been providing sensible building automation technology for small and medium sized buildings. We’ve developed solutions for small and medium-sized buildings that provide everything you need and nothing you don’t to maximize ROI.

We Provide the Schematics

Our team provides comprehensive system schematics and drawings for every project. We are perfectionists when it comes to building automation systems and want to ensure that every system we sell works perfectly.

 Our Building Automation Customers

Take the Next Step

We want to help you make informed decisions. Contact us so we can help you get the most out of your project.

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